A Complete Guide on Modular Kitchens, Designs and Appliances

If you are busy planning for a new kitchen that suits your home and fits your budget, you might have given a thought to “Modular Kitchen”. In case you are unfamiliar with the term or perhaps planning on designing your very first kitchen, we want the out-turn to be as near to perfect as possible. Here to answer all your confusion and queries regarding Modular Kitchen, in this blog we will give you a comprehensive clarification on what precisely a Modular Kitchen is, as well as everything you need to know about them if you are considering a new kitchen.

What is a Modular Kitchen?

A modular kitchen can be straightforwardly described as modern kitchen furniture that structurally is made of Modules or Units designed to fulfil different kitchen purposes. The specialization being the “modules” are available in different sizes and can be skilfully designed depending on the area and the proportions allotted. The colour, style and finishes are customizable and can be conveniently built in according to the budget. For finer details, like a certain arrangement of shelves, or glass cabinets for wines and drinks or perhaps bigger space for spices or glassware, preferred and fancier changes can be easily affixed to our professional layout of the modular kitchen to make the perfect combinations and deliver you the kitchen of your dreams.

Being additionally stylish and streamline, Modular Kitchen gives you the exclusive benefit of owning a tailored kitchen with the desired feel and layout without supplemental expenses on a custom kitchen. Modular kitchens are exceptionally popular among people who have limited space and are living in terraced homes, flats or small apartments with even smaller kitchens. Happening to be more befitting for smaller kitchens, the most effective units can be built avoiding the bulky ones to help you save space and at the same time use it smartly.



Difference between Modular & Semi Modular Kitchen

In India it is a common misconception for people to actually get a semi-modular kitchen installed and think of it as a modular kitchen. To simplify the difference, Modular Kitchen gives you the liberty of dismantling your kitchen, to shift it to a different place and then fix it again. Whereas in the case of a semi-modular kitchen, desired and at times prominent changes are later made to an existing civil structure. In other words, a semi-modular kitchen doesn’t require you to start building your kitchen from scratch. However, with a fully Modular kitchen, there is no pre-existing civil structure. Providing an empty kitchen with required plumbing and electrical points, a modular kitchen can easily be set up within the span of 2-3 days. And then you can dismantle it, carry it when you move and fix it again. In Indian homes by default we primarily call a civil professional to build a kitchen platform out of marble followed by a Modular Kitchen Specialist to complete the kitchen.
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